about all that nonsense

I’m a Taiwanese born-again activist raised in Goleta the Good Land located in sunny California.

After graduating from UC Berkeley, I served my time in marketing working director-level roles involving niche luxury rarities and FMCG, encapsulating the full breadth of global business development, branding, PR, above and below the line marketing strategies, media planning, and executing multi-city events throughout Asia, Europe, and the United States. Taipei, Singapore, Manila, Hong Kong, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo, Los Angeles, New York, London, Sydney; portals of business. Graffiti artists, parkour atheletes, triathletes, DJs and musicians, people whose heads filled with bags of superfluous monies and fake art. Things that were done that now can be done for non-profits are listed here. Nihilism.

With the burden on the environment with all the excessive travel that took place every week out of the Taipei hub, it was only the meticulous rituals that which, appealing to my need for control and the unique beautiful spirits of the lands that kept me fueled despite the chains and drudgery of work. Work that composed of 18-20 hour days, 7 days a week. Having finished a rotation of looking eagerly to grading first and business class lounges, hotels, airports, and done trying to push people onto products that sold an unsustainable lifestyle or “acceptance token” that would divert their attention away from the realities of life and problems that arose within themselves, I ended my this component of my life when I turned 30.

Glorious 池上 (Chihshang) in Eastern Taiwan. Unmarred mountain view of the rice paddies.

Via proactivism portal Handful of Sapphires, I now facilitate volunteer coordination and communication consulting services for NPOs, NGOs, and grassroots organizations in Taiwan. Most of the time I’m the volunteer doing the manual labor because there is no such thing and should not be that exists in the workplace as “this is below my pay grade” or level. Your education certification does not define you, your job title does not define you, money does not define you nor the things you’ve purchased with it. It’s your set of beliefs that you take action upon. I also formed Bright Side Projects, a series of events and workshops engaging volunteers and empowering socially marginalized communities.

I’m fighting for a new world order in which sustainable living and compassion comes before profits and each and every day I attempt to accomplish the task of living life accordingly to my values.

And a profile spiel; I love my family, dogs, the Los Angeles Lakers, and Taiwan. I enjoy a variety of music from musicals, industrial, Taiwanese. psychobilly, rap, etc. I am a bookworm, lover of crunchy fruit, past life player of RPGs, and continue to fascinate myself with things around me with thrills such as art, evil children films, and cannibalistic tales.